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Currently, Suzhou Long-Show has supplied the biggest EL panels in the world to Expo 2010 SHANGHAI, which are made up of 44 panels. Our products are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which exhibits the motto 揃etter City, Better Life that Expo 2010 SHANGHAI brought forward. Our EL products also have other advantages, such as High-resolution graphics ?are available in High-brightness ?are super thin and light weight and have a long life.


The size is 4.2M high by 32M Wide. We exceeded our maximum panel size available and then we combined 44 panels together to make a whole one. We covered double sided tape on the backside of the panels for installation on a huge outdoor wall. We also prepared long flat cables to help make installation easier. You need professionals to install according to our installation instructions.   


These panels are all cut to shape and we produced them with full UV protection and waterproof treatment.


Please note, the inverter and power supply should be placed inside a waterproof box (we suggest a IP65 box) in order to avoid moisture and also keep away from heat sources.


April 2010



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