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The amazing 6mx3m EL creation brings unbelievable promotions and services to Oreo.


As this size (6mx3m) exceeded our maximum panel size available, we needed to combine several

pieces together (please refer to map). We suggested our customer prepared the printable flex as

background at their local and we produced the illuminated sections. For the printable flex, if

you prepared yourself, you can refer to the panel抯 color to purchase and print the flex when

you receive the EL panel and also can make the flex avoided cause knitters in the shipment by

fold packing.


We made 3 separate EL panels (produced to be fully waterproof and UV protected) and covered

waterproof double-sided tape on the backside of EL panel for our customer to install. Besides the

tape, we also made grommet holes on each corner of the EL panel for installation process in case

of bad weather conditions. Users should let professionals install according to our installation

instructions. Position the EL panel in the appropriate location ensuring that the ribbon cable

has also been positioned in the required position.


All the smaller electroluminescent panels were connected to one inverter and easily sequenced

according to the animation required. Our customer are usually using box IP65 (please see image)

to hide and make inverter safe for outdoor usage. 


February 2011



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