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cx6001 LCD conduct glue pressure distribute
Cx6001 is a pressure distribution measurement and analysis tool for two objects contact pressure surface. It provides fast, intuitive characterization of pressure and its distribution
2) some test by cx6001 for conduct glue pressure mapping and force measurement on support surfaces such as such LCD screen, OLED screen, El panel, etc.
3) Technical parameters:
a)  sensor density:2000dot/m^2,
b)  sensing area:200mm300mm
c)  outline dimension: 260mm400mm
d)   sampling frequency:0-100Hz
e)   pressure range:0-20N/cm2
f)   nonlinearity :5%,System calibration
g)  software function:Chinese/English Version,Two-dimensional, three-dimensional map of pressure, pressure center line, the maximum pressure, contact area, the geometric center, center of pressure etc     
h)  USB data interface, the data output can be Excel form open, two analysis
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